Equity is at the heart of sustainable development. Good sustainable development policy and practice reflect the interests and needs of stakeholders, not textbook theory.

Policy development and implementation therefore require stakeholder engagement and equitable processes of negotiation among interest groups.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our work in order to come up with a creative mix of ideas and approaches from different disciplines, cultures and perspectives.

GPC does not have pre-packaged “solutions”. Our responses come out of, and are adapted to, specific situations as we recognise that no development solution is all-encompassing or ever-lasting. Development is a dynamic process, and continuous learning is fundamental to that process. We therefore believe in supporting learning within the work we do and in sharing the learning coming out of our work.


GPC's team offers diverse skills and years of experience working with stakeholders at local and policy levels on issues of sustainable development.

Our core team comprises Directors Tighe Geoghegan and Yves Renard, and Associate Gillian Cooper. We have many years of experience working together and we design and implement projects with a high level of efficiency.

Through our network of colleagues, we are able to put together multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in natural sciences, economics, anthropology and planning and with experience in a range of sectors and issues such as energy, forestry, tourism, sustainable livelihoods and coastal zone management.

We are proficient in English, French, Kwéyòl and Spanish.

Tighe Geoghegan has worked with numerous national and local institutions to increase stakeholder participation in managing natural resources and to foster policies that increase local benefits from natural resource use.

Yves Renard’s expertise includes policy analysis, the facilitation of policy formulation and strategic planning exercises, and the conduct of institutional review, evaluation and development processes.


GPC is incorporated as a private limited company in the United Kingdom. We have operational bases in England and Saint Lucia, and offer services to clients all over the world.